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Martha J. & Chebat Quartet Plays the Beatles

This project originated from an idea proposed by Giorgio Almasio, for Donne In-Canto festival, of which he is the creator and artistic director. We have always loved the Beatles and we became immediately excited about the opportunity to revisit their music.

While writing the arrangements, we got so passionate about the project that we decided to record it in the weeks following the concert, which took place in July 2020.

We wanted to make a recording that captured as much as possible all the nuances and interplay of a live performance. We then recorded all together in the same room, as they used to do in the old days. This was possible in particular thanks to Alfredo Grassi of Timetrack Studio, who supported us in this crazy idea, and to the expertise of Dario Ravelli, who has a little more white hair because of us!



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About us

Martha J.

“Martha J. is not only a marvelous singer with a lovely instrument and delivery, but also a substantial song lyricist, writing with grace and subtle eloquence. She found a perfect collaborator in pianist and composer Francesco Chebat… “
Mark Stevens, Piano and All That Jazz Radio

Francesco Chebat

“Francesco Chebat: essenziale, raffinato, mai casuale… mostra un’intensa distinzione interpretativa e un bel gioco evoluto, intelligente, multiforme, ricco di fantasiose intuizioni ritmiche e di virtuosismo, assecondato da un’ariosa ricercatezza armonica.”
Bruno Schiozzi, Musica Jazz

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