Martha J.

Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti N.A.B.A. in Milano, she started her musical career in 1986, in the Milan and Lombardy clubs. She played guitar and sang songs of American and English jazz, folk artists (Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, the Beatles, etc.) and Irish folk.

She studied classical and modern singing, took part in the courses of Sheila Jordan, Rachel Gould and the Berklee jazz clinic, studied at Studio Laboratorio dell’attore with Raul Manso and practiced modern dance with Miguel Angel Cragnolini.

She spent a brief period in the pop music world (1989 / 1995) that led her to take part in the Sanremo Festival in 1990, release two CDs for PDU/EMI, and perform in many concerts in Italy and abroad, especially in Canada.

From 1999 on, she concentrated her activity on jazz music, playing with many musicians in clubs, festivals and events in Italy and abroad (Francesco Chebat, Giovanni Monteforte, Attilio Zanchi, Stefano Bertoli, Roberto Piccolo, Max Gini, Marchino Bianchi, Niccolò Cattaneo, Toni Arco, Guido Bombardieri, Marcello Noia, Vittorio Castelli, Carol Sudhalter ecc.).

In 2005, Martha sang in Shades of Carol, the CD of American sax and flute player Carol Sudhalter. In 2007 she starts working with pianist Francesco Chebat; they released five albums with jazz standards and original songs, of which she wrote the lyrics.

Martha J.


Martha J. is not only a marvelous singer with a lovely instrument and delivery, but also a substantial song lyricist, writing with grace and subtle eloquence. She found a perfect collaborator in pianist and composer Francesco Chebat… “ –
Mark Stevens, Piano and All That Jazz Radio

“… una sensibilità straordinaria in grado di controllare in modo perfetto la voce su tutti i registri e donandoci emozioni a profusione. (…) conferma di essere una delle vocalist più dotate e raffinate della nostra scena jazz/folk/fusion.”
Gianni Zuretti, L’isola che non c’era  

“…Martha J., una esplosione di freschezza, di capacità vocale, di grandissimo mestiere unito ad un talento che nessuna scuola ti può dare, in breve una grande grandissima cantante.”
Giuseppe Candiano, TG com

“…una balladeuse di apprezzabile sensibilità, con un’enunciazione confidenziale, un feeling morbido e un’eleganza naturale.”
Bruno Schiozzi, Musica Jazz

Martha J. is a natural in classic jazz fittings with a smooth melodic mannerism reminiscent of Edith Piaf and the vivacious swing-jazz incisions of Jane Monheit…”

“Sheer loveliness, Italian-born vocalist/goddess Martha J. has the dulcet pitch of Petula Clark, the bedroomy-eye timbres of Lena Horne, and the exquisite nuances reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald.”
Susan Frances,

 “… such lightness in singing the most complex harmonies. The tone of her voice fascinates – each phrase and tone is graded to perfection and enabled us to understand contemporary jazz music… She was above all the star of The Sixth International Festival and a lady whose subtle performance, expressive behavior on the stage will be long remembered.”
Dr. Sc. Nino Zubčević, Croatian Association for Science, Arts and Culture.


The Soul Mutation
Clessidra Records, 2017
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (keyboards), Francesco Marzetti (drums), Giulio Corini (contrabbasso).

The Soul Mutation
Clessidra Records, 2014
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (keyboards), Francesco Marzetti (drums).

The Soul Mutation
Clessidra Records, 2014
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (piano).

copertina disco harlem nocturne di martha J. jazz singer e Francesco Chebat pianista jazz

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat
Clessidra Records, 2012
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (piano), Roberto Piccolo (double bass), Stefano Bertoli (drums). Special guest: Guido Bombardieri (sax, bass clarinet).

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat
Clessidra Records, 2010
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (piano), Roberto Piccolo (double bass), Stefano Bertoli (drums), Cisco Portone (percussions).

Crazy for Christmas copertina album musica jazz di Martha J. and Chebat

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat
Clessidra Records, 2008
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (piano & computer programming).


Cover del disco no one but you di Martha J. and Chebat

Martha J. & Francesco Chebat
Music Center, 2008
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (piano).

cover del disco di Martha J. and Chebat: that's it

Martha J. 4et
Music Center, 2008
Martha J. (vocals), Francesco Chebat (piano), Roberto Piccolo (double bass), Stefano Bertoli (drums).