Times are changing

MARTHA J.vocals
FRANCESCO CHEBATpiano, Rhodes, synth bass 
GIULIO CORINI, double bass
Clessidra Records, 2017


The Soul Mutation is the band founded in 2014 by vocalist Martha J. and pianist Francesco Chebat. In 2014, they released their first CD with some originals and covers. In 2017 The Soul Mutation released a CD, Times are changing, nine songs written by Francesco Chebat with lyrics by Martha J., and three improvisational solo pieces by Chebat, Martha and Francesco Marzetti, the drummer who plays in this session. Times Are Changing is the continuation of a musical exploration, combining Marthas smooth and clear voice with jazz improvisations and solid grooves to create a very particular, expressive and energetic sound that alludes to the most recent jazz developments (Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana, Joshua Redman Elastic Band, Robert Glasper, Esbjorn Svensson).


The Soul Mutation has a personal sound, full of poetic sensitivity and grooves, subtle landscapes inspired by Northern European contemporary music and urban atmospheres that recall the contemporary New York jazz scene. Their sound is refined and complex but still they can always reach the public with their energy and passion. Not only the music, but also the lyrics are deeply rooted in current reality (war, immigration, homeless, job, poverty…): long-standing wars that we shouldn’t fight anymore, and new battles for change that we should take on, inside and outside ourselves, to find a more than ever, essential soul mutation”.

The Soul Mutation produces music without paying too much attention to gender differences, obtaining a remarkable result.”
Fabio Alcini, MusicTraks

[Times Are Changing] is a beautiful album in all respects (…) Each track is a small masterpiece.”
Bartolomeo Varchetta, Artists and Bands

In Times are Changing you can find poetry and groove, rarefied landscapes of northern European jazz inspiration combined with more urban atmospheres, stolen from the current New York music scene.”
Onda Musicale

Times are changing, it is a cliché, but in recent years the change seems to be real and underway to be able to stay behind it, it takes an evolution, a mutation of the soul. The Soul Mutation is animated by this instance, a project that with the album Times Are Changing brings jazz together with unexpected synth sounds … “
Gilberto Ongaro, Music Map